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Sacred Path


Sacred Path Training is designed to assist in the unfoldment of your personal growth and connection to the divine. It is perfect for those seeking a guide in development of sacred skills and personal practices, as well as those who intend to become healing practitioners.


Each program is tailor made for the student. Sacred Path programs include lessons in meditation, shamanic journeying, and the energy systems of the body. Lessons may also include guidance on sacred movement, ritual, connection to helping spirits, divination, reiki attunements, and creation of personal healing ceremonies. Kai assists students to develop a ‘morning practice’, and helps to create a supportive environment for exploration of sacred mysteries. The depth and intensity of work is guided by the student and devotion to the path.

Sacred Path students typically meet with Kai once a month for 2 hour sessions. 

Training available in person and online video conferencing.

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Reiki Training


Kai became a Reiki Master Teacher in 2002. She has facilitated the training of hundreds of students, and takes great joy in passing on the tradition of the Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing.


Reiki is a complete system of energy healing designed to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. It is a path for personal growth and transformation that emphasis self care techniques, as well as sharing 'healing touch' sessions with friends, family, and clients. Developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the mid 1800’s, the effects of receiving Reiki attunements have profound life-long effects.  One gains a connection to universal life force energy, a sense of personal empowerment, and increased awareness of subtle levels of reality.

Kai offers one on one Reiki attunement trainings, as well as small workshops.


 Sacred Sound


Sound is one of the most powerful healing energies on the planet. It has the power to reorganize matter through laws of vibration, while entraining brainwaves to deep states of relaxation and higher states of consciousness.

Kai utilizes sound healing practices from cultures around the world, and is a classically trained musician and vocalist of both eastern and western techniques. Years of study and practice under master musicians and medicine people form the foundation of techniques she now passes on to others. Kai creates a gentle, supportive, and safe environment for both novice and experienced musicians to cultivate their gifts.


Areas of Study: Sacred vocal training & finding 'true voice', shamanic drumming & rhythm making, sacred songwriting, techniques for sharing healing vibrations in sound journeys & therapeutic settings.

Sacred Sound students typically meet with Kai once a month for 1 or 2 hour sessions. 
Training available in person and online video conferencing.

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Tarot Teachings


The Tarot is a divine game that reveals the forces at play in our lives.  Through deep understanding of symbols, numbers, and astrological correlations, we may better understand how the past and possible futures align with the present moment. Kai shares divination techniques and card by card teachings with students, giving them an in depth experience which enables them to read for themselves and others. When approached in this way, the wisdom of Tarot becomes a path of growth and transformation.


Teaching of full Tarot deck and energy techniques to enhance intuitive skills can be completed in about 1 year.  Shorter 'brush up' sessions, as well as classes offering advanced divinatory practices also available.

Tarot Teachings are generally taught once a month for 2 hour sessions. 

Training available in person and online video conferencing.