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Ceremonial Healing


A personal healing ceremony is created to encourage your growth and renewal. Each session is unique, yet all carry common threads. Reiki, sacred sound, shamanic techniques, essential oils, and crystal therapy are employed to facilitate wholeness and well being. Your time will be spent in sweet comfort, with the intention of creating a deep state of relaxation.

Healing ceremonies are typically gentle in nature, yet able to address deep issues. Anxiety disorders, past traumas, insomnia, brain injuries, post surgical recovery, soul loss, and many other conditions may be treated. Sessions may be of service during times of transition and growth for blessing, inspiration, and regeneration. They are also useful on a more regular basis to maintain health, emotional balance, and spiritual clarity.



Ceremonial Healing sessions begin with a 15-20 minute consultation to discuss your current life experience, and include shamanic drumming, divination, and dream sharing.

Full session is 90 minutes in length

One should expect to leave a Ceremonial Healing feeling refreshed and relaxed, with a renewed sense of purpose. Create space in the rest of your day for integration. Drink lots of water, spend time in nature, take a long bath or shower, and have an early bedtime to fully integrate the experience.

Sessions are held at Healing Arts in Manhattan.  House calls also available for additional fee.

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Active Dreaming


There is a world behind the world that speaks to us in dreams, symbols, and synchronicity. Working to better understand spontaneous night dreams and other visionary experiences, we uncover a deep well of transformative power and growth.

Nightmares, reoccurring dreams, sleep paralysis, and other ‘big’ dreams often carry important messages and hidden possibilities for healing. During Shamanic Dream Healing sessions we will work with techniques brought forth through Robert Moss’s school of Active Dreaming to recover trapped energy, reclaim parts of the soul, and create road maps for personal evolution.


Sessions may also include ‘dream re-entry’, and other forms of shamanic journey aided by the sound of the drum. We will discuss ways to deepen your relationship with dreams including techniques for dream recall, ‘lucid’ dreaming, shamanic journeying, and communion with spirit allies & ancestors.

Sessions available in person and online video conferencing.




Sound is one of the most powerful healing energies on the planet. It has the power to reorganize matter through laws of vibration, while entraining brainwaves to deep states of relaxation and higher states of consciousness. Kai utilizes sound healing practices from cultures around the world, and is a classically trained musician and vocalist of both eastern and western techniques.

During a session, she guides your journey with healing instruments, sacred songs, and heartbeat drumming to soothe, purify, and encourage you to rise anew. Relax into an immersive field of sound as you prepare to walk into the next stage of your path. Leave ordinary reality behind, and embrace deep aspects of yourself that are one with the forces of creation.

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Connect to healing information and guidance during times of transition and inner questioning. Using the ancient guidance system of the Tarot paired with wisdom of helping spirits, Kai gives a clear reading of the present moment with relation to past and possible future.

When supplied with in depth information of the forces at play in our lives, we are able to ‘choose our own adventure’ from a place of wisdom and connection with intuition. Using the language of the tarot, and the symbols and stories therein, Kai assists clients in moving forward on a path of their choosing towards a future their own creation.

Sessions available in person and online video conferencing.

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Ritual & Support


Rituals created for you, your tribe, and the passages of life.

Join with Kai to create ceremonial space to mark the birth of a child, the joining of two souls in sacred vows, or to attend to a loved one close to the sacred portal of death.

Kai is trained as a guide between the realms of life and death, also called a 'psychopomp.' She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, and specializes in the 'language of the elders' who are preparing to make the crossing into spirit.  

Kai is an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, and licensed to perform marriage ceremonies in the state of NY.

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Space Clearing


Our homes and work spaces are often in need of clearing, protection, and recharging for us to live and work in harmony with the energies in the places we reside. Using traditional techniques gathered from shamanic traditions around the world, Kai will help you to create a shining atmosphere in the places that are most dear to you.

Kai is a trained 'pyschopomp,'or soul guide, and able to assist with facilitating peaceful transitions for ‘unwanted guests’ and spirit visitors.


Space clearing rituals include skill shares on how to maintain an uplifted atmosphere through smudging, the construction of altars, and offerings to spirit. 

Available for home, office, and event spaces.