There is a world behind the world that speaks to us in dreams, symbols, and synchronicity. Working to better understand spontaneous night dreams and other visionary experiences, we uncover a deep well of transformative power and growth.

Nightmares, reoccurring dreams, sleep paralysis, and other ‘big’ dreams often carry important messages and hidden possibilities for healing. During Shamanic Dream Healing sessions we will work with techniques brought forth through Robert Moss’s school of Active Dreaming to recover trapped energy, reclaim parts of the soul, and create road maps for personal evolution.


Sessions may also include ‘dream re-entry’, and other forms of shamanic journey aided by the sound of the drum. We will discuss ways to deepen your relationship with dreams including techniques for dream recall, ‘lucid’ dreaming, shamanic journeying, and communion with spirit allies & ancestors.

Sessions available in person and online video conferencing.